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October 20, 2017

Elaine Kelly, Author

A native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Collingswood, New Jersey, and later

residing in Chester County, Pennsylvania, for the past 45 years, I have always

been interested in the history of Philadelphia.

On a trip to Philadelphia, a three-year-old grandson was in awe of the tall buildings

lining a busy street and said, "The buildings are touching the sky."  He became my

inspiration for my children's book, Among the Buildings That Touch the Sky-

Philadelphia--a colorfully illustrated book written in verse featuring Philadelphia's history

and attractions for four to eight-year-old children.  My very supportive family made it possible for

me at the age of seventy-one to publish my first book in 2010.

Children from East to West coasts of the United States, England, Honduras, and

Kenya have read the book, and its success has prompted me to write and publish,

in 2016 Among the Buildings That Touch the Sky- Boston.

Elaine A. Kelly, Author

Kelcity Books

P.O. Box 464

Edgemont, PA 19028

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