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"Why I liked this book –  I liked this book because of the simple but colorful illustrations, the rhyme of the story and the history mentioned. I liked that the book is non-fiction. I am a fan of history and learning about cultures and I think it is important to have kids learn about different places in the world (and, well, I am favoring this book because I am from right outside Philadelphia  ). I think the book is a great read-aloud and parents and kids can discover the great things about Philly!"

-thiskidreviewsbooks' Perfect Picture Book Friday (1/6/2012) 

“It is a wonderful introduction to American history and Philadelphia history, especially. In fact, this longtime resident of Greater Philadelphia learned of a couple of landmarks with which I was unfamiliar. Chief Tamany’s statue was one.

Pearl S. Pitt M.D.


“You touched on all the special and unique things that Philly offers- food, sports, history, and pleasure time with family.”

Claire A. Kraft

Vice President, Medi-Force

“I really liked it.”

G.T. Keene

Elementary School Student

“It’s a happy book.”

Helen B.D.


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